Global Movements Ltd is based in Wolverhampton UK with a strong team of direct employees in China.
We specialise in sourcing customers product needs direct from China to Europe.
We have the ability to source almost any products needed in the highest of volumes at the best possible prices.
With our expertise we can source existing products or your very own bespoke products.

Knowing how difficult, time consuming and costly it can be to import good quality products from China.
Global Movements prides itself in being the solution to all of this.

Our dedicated team mitigate the risk of any problems when sourcing from China and
ensure that all products are put through a testing process to maintain the highest
standard of quality.

• We focus 100% of our attention on satisfying our customers.
• We guarantee the delivery of all our orders on schedule and within budget.
• We monitor all our products from manufacturing to delivery.
• We ensure quality control from start to finish on all our orders.

Global Movements pass the products on to their freight forwarders who then ensure all goods are insured and delivered safely to your business front door.

Tel: +44 7834554380